about us

Our solution, Hawi, is an intelligent service that works on your mobile devices to help the quality of life and independence of older adults. It is a solution for their lives, for active and healthy ageing, as they go through different stages of health, functional independence, dedicated support, and cognitive ability. It brings their network of loved ones together in a private virtual space, regardless of circumstances or location. It engages them and their network with their health care and social services to ensure best utilization of these resources. The network works together to provide personal, health-related, and potentially life-saving support creating a foundation for a longer, healthier, and more independent life.

our mission

To improve the quality of life and independence of older adults by bringing them together with their loved ones, their community, and health and social services in a virtual space that is completely focused on their well-being.


Carlos Montero Luque.
CEO, Co-Founder

Carlos is a passionate believer and grateful participant (as a son, sibling and parent) in the role of extended families, both biological and affective, in supporting each other throughout their life. He is excited to bring this vision together with 20+ years of business & leadership experience in start-ups and public companies, to provide solutions that help improve the quality of life and the independence of older adults.

Dr. Javier Montero Luque.
Medical Advisor, Co-Founder

Dr Javier is involved in the early detection and prevention of diseases with the older adults in his practice.  He actively promotes community best practices to improve their quality of life and healthy ageing. He is a primary care physician in the Spanish community of Castilla y León and a graduate in Medicine, from the University of Valladolid.

Naresh Wignarajah.
Product & Engineering, Co-Founder

As a volunteer. Naresh experienced community caregiving through the Red Cross, in emergency medical services and in veterans shelters. He believes that its people working together with creative technologies, to design and build great products, that provide effective and evolving solutions leading to a longer, healthier and a higher quality of life.

the app for the people

Our app runs on the users´ own personal devices, enabling families to support older adults, especially those who are at risk of frailty, or those who are actively managing their chronic conditions.