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Creating a family network in Hawi is very easy.

The intelligent mobile service for
families with at-risk relatives

Hawi drives the well-being and independence of our relatives who are more vulnerable due to age, disability, illness, or other reasons.

Hawi is a solution that runs on mobile devices and brings ease-of-mind to families concerned about the well-being of their most vulnerable relatives. Hawi brings together communication, support, data collection, task management, and third-party services into a system that also detects changes in the well-being of the person.

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Quality of life for everyone

  • People are what’s most important.
  • A more united family
  • Better communication and attention to our relatives who need them the most.
  • Support for the family via specialized third-party services
  • Support of work-life balance.

Hawi integrates communications and tasks management tools
It is easy to find what happend everyday or address emergencies

Ease-of-mind for the family

  • Control of the tasks performed by family members and caregivers.
  • Collection of key information.
  • Health and day-to-day monitoring.
  • Emergency alerts when there is a problem.
  • Reduces expenses and enables more time to enjoy what is important.

Coordination with health care professionals for better tracking of chronic conditions

  • Family collaboration is essential for prevention, the detailed follow-up of patient evolution, and therapeutic compliance.
  • In-depth communication, using data, images, audios, and other content types, that does not share personal or corporate information (such as phone numbers or email addresses) and does not use social networks.
  • Improved collection of health data and test results.
  • Hawi transforms the evolution of chronic patients, reduces cost, and optimizes resources in primary care to limit the cost typical of emergency room visits and hospitalizations.
With Hawi you can easily track health data and collect information of value for the patient, family, and health care professionals.

Hawi makes it easy to access specialized services and integrate tasks and shared calendars

Easing the lives of family caregivers with services marketplace build for them

  • Simplified hiring of specialized health and home services
  • The use of Hawi by families and customers of insurance companies and health care providers allows them to optimize resources and save costs.
  • Hawi brings its owns marketplace and can integrate with others.
  • For services providers, Hawi increases the loyalty of existing customers and enables access to a growing market of family services.

our mission

To improve the quality of life and independence of the most vulnerable members of families and caregivers by bringing them together with their loved ones, their community, and health and social services in a virtual space that is completely focused on their well-being.

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