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Creating a family network in Hawi is very easy.

The intelligent mobile service for
families with at-risk relatives

Hawi drives the well-being and independence of our relatives who are more vulnerable due to age, status, or illness.

Hawi is a solution that runs on mobile devices and brings ease-of-mind to families concerned about the well-being of their most vulnerable relatives. Hawi brings together communication, support, data collection, task management, and third-party services into a system that also detects changes in the well-being of the person.

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Quality of life for everyone,
support for the family

  • People are what’s most important.
  • A more united family
  • Better communication and attention to our relatives who need them the most.
  • Support for the family via specialized third-party services
  • It supports work-life balance.

Hawi integrates communications and tasks management tools
It is easy to find what happend everyday or address emergencies

Ease-of-mind for the family

  • Control of the tasks performed by family members and caregivers.
  • Collect key information.
  • Health and day-to-day monitoring.
  • Emergency alerts if there is a problem.
  • Less expenses and more time to enjoy what is important.

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