Hawi is a mobility-first solution providing the “virtual kitchen table”, helping the extended family engage and manage the cycles of support and care, for their most vulnerables relatives, thus improving their quality of life and extending their independence

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How it works

Create: Our mobile app, Hawi helps you create your personal familial network around older adults in your family. We enable meaningful communication (messaging, audio, video), provide advocacy, guide wellbeing activities, schedule tasks and identify need based self care and tailored assessments.

Engage: “the virtual kitchen table” is your own meeting place where everyone communicates, discussing and sharing messages, accepting appointments and tasks, volunteering, helping out and being engaged in the cycle of support and caring.

Extend: At any time you can add caregivers, include extended family. and communicate with health care and social service coordinators who are available, through Hawi, in an advisory role. 

Intelligent assistance and support

Hawi assists with wellbeing conversations, adjusting to needs and behavioral patterns.  

Hawi identifies and provides need-based home healthcare tests and assessments.  Our digital assistant enables templates, scheduling and gentle notifications through our digital assistant.  

Approved familial members coordinate, assist with or perform tests, assessments and gather vital signs. Hawi supports specific requests by healthcare coordinators, primary care professionals or social services.

Our digital platform, Hawi connects you with one or more members of your healthcare team, for needs-based coordination and check-in.  We assist their analysis & decisions, providing data, reports and history, integrating information delivery to their specific health care systems.  

The systems supports emergency alerts by an older adult, a caregiver or a person in the network, the familial network can locate, communicate and help immediately.